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We’re a group of very experienced movers who worked for the best moving companies in NYC. In order to achieve greater efficiency and increase customer satisfaction, Our company offers a whole array of accompanying services needed on move day.

Since we do things such as carpenter, handy work, cleaning services, etc, we asked Balbuena Graphics to redesign our logo and give our company a fresh look. They also helped us to create and design business cards, an eye-catching website, and even the clothing that the workers are required to wear


We are a small company located in the Bronx. Some of Our services are: Money Transfer | Bill Payment | Money Orders | Prepaid Cards | Phone Recharge | MoneyGram | MetroCard

“When I open my business. I didn’t have a logo.  So I was looking for help. I was in search of a  professional company that could create my logo.  I  Business associated referrer me to BALBUENA GRAPHICS”



Green Cleaning Carpet & floor care cleaning green | Special events cleaning green | Commercial Cleaning green | Window cleaning green | Side Walk sweeping and washing | Restroom care and cleaning | Residential care & cleaning

“When I open my business. I didn’t have a logo.  So I was looking for help. I was in search of a  professional company that could create my logo.  I  Business associated referrer me to BALBUENA GRAPHICS


Here at Privilege Cigars, we provide a variety of cigars from Dominican to Nicaraguan. We provide a nice lounge area for all our customers to hang out and enjoy themselves.

The company helped to improve the look of my business by designing a logo, as well as the embroidery on the shirts worn by the staff, and they did a very good job.


I am a psychic who is trying to get more people to come and get a tarot card reading, and help people with their love life. So I wanted to get signs and flyers done to attract more attention. I went on Google in search of a graphics department to create the design, the signs, and the flyers.


I am a certified personal trainer and I was looking to have some quality business cards made in a timely matter. They worked really well with me in order to design a business card that looked well and matched the outlines that I had given them.


Our company services schools all over New York City doing staff development, teacher training, and after-school programs related to supporting children; but we needed help, so we searched on Google for a company with good reviews that was close by that could create the signs, decals, and stickers for our company.

They were all very supportive! Balbuena graphics took the time to make sure that not only the design was what we wanted, but that the experience was a quality one as well. So I want to thank Balbuena Graphics for the great job they did in putting up our sign “Educators For Student Success”


I am the senior manager for Exowash. Exowash is a Powerwash company that provides pressure washing as well as soft washing services to residential and commercial properties. Although we are fairly new, our team is knowledgeable and highly motivated in providing great service to the city of Houston. we take pride in our work and appreciate any business, Small or large.

Balbuena Graphics help me to connect with customers with the right advertising strategy, they’ve designed our logo and helped with our business cards, flyers, magnets, and website to say the least. What I like the most is that they are easy to work with. If i didn’t quite like how something looked, Omar (owner of the business) took the time out to hear my disliking and did whatever he could to fix the issue.